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At Perth Roof Cleaning, we believe in providing the best service at affordable prices. Our services on offer are detailed below and the displayed prices are for a typical job of that type. Want a personalised quote for your home or business? Contact us now!

High Pressure Roof Cleaninga

High Pressure Roof Cleaning

From $500, depending on roof size and dirt level.

Using the very best in high pressure technology and safety equipment we can expertly clean most roof types. Dirt and plant growths can erode and damage the integrity of your roof over time. By using an appropriate pressure level we can clean away superficial dirt without damaging the protective coating of your tiles. This is a great way to refresh your home and add value!

Gutter, downpipe and valley cleaning

Gutter, Downpipe and Valley Cleaning


Quick and clean! Get your gutters and valleys cleared away of all leaf and other litter. Full gutters can block water flow and lead to water damage in your roof space. Once we remove the leaf material and dirt we flush away remaining mud or dirt with a pressure hose.

Paving and driveway cleaning

Paving and Driveway Cleaning

Subject to Quote

Years of rain, dust and use can build up significant amounts of dirt in paving and driveways. Paving and concrete is much more durable than roof tiles, so we can apply very high pressure to blast all the dirt away and improve the cosmetic appeal of your home!


Service packages for Strata, Insurance and Maintenance groups

Subject to Quote

Perth Roof Cleaning can arrange service packages for strata or self-managed properties to suit all budgets. Maintaining the integrity of your roof is vital and we are equipped with the experience to tailor a maintenance plan appropriate for your property.

Price Guide

Roof Cleaning: From $500

Gutter, Downpipe
and Valley Cleaning: $150

Paving and Driveway Cleaning and service packages are subject to a quote

All prices are subject to physical inspection and quote. The displayed prices are for a typical job of that type. If your property has above-average levels of dirt, or there are extra factors to consider, this could be factored into your quote.

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